The following are the list of our home care services. The Home physiotherapy, Attender, Nurse, Lab Sample collection, Medicine delivery, Doctor visit, Medical equipment have been designed with providing with complete solution. Any additional suggestions are most welcome (please use the contacts page)

Home Physiotherapist / Doctor Visit

If you are suffering from stress related back pain, a frozen shoulder, sports injury or recovering from surgery our certified and experienced physiotherapist will help you recover quickly. We also arrange for Physician home visit in case the patient is severely bed ridden.

Home Nursing and Attender

Our experienced and trained staff will help your near ones manage activities of day – whether short term due to surgery or accident to long term age related issues. Our staff also helps the patients to be self reliant on daily essential activities.

Home Sample Collection, Medicine Delivery , Medical equipment delivery

We collect blood, urine, stool samples from home and get the sample processed from NABH/NABL accredited labs. We also do home delivery of medicines as well as delivery of medical equipments like walker, patient beds, water beds etc on out right purchase or lease.
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